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SOULMADE wants to be a lighthouse for everyone who is looking for a better way to deal with people and nature.

Improving the world
in your sleep?

What we can do to restore balance
between mankind and environment.

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Seasonal Alternatives.
Guiltless Enjoyment.

Do we really need orange juice year-round
or can local fruits be an alternative?


Why do we care?

We are dedicated to leaving a positive impact in creating a fair and versatile environment where people can thrive. We believe in our responsibility to make the world a better place. To create a world where companies care as much about shared value as they do about shareholder value.
You too?

Source: Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change (MCC)


Welcome to SOULMADE, a hotel made entirely of wood.

With SOULMADE we wanted to show that a different kind of business hotel is possible. For our guests as well as for the environment. A space where technology and inner peace are not at odds with one another, where sustainability does not imply sacrifice but rather an excitement for new alternatives.

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Living Space

Renewable and local materials converge with the latest technology. Surrounded by the calming scent of wood and equipped with a full kitchenette, you’ll instantly feel at home.

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Natural Environment

SOULMADE always attempts to create a natural environment. With the Living Room and work-area adjoined by our 1.000 sqm Pocket Park, you’re always only one step away from walking barefoot.

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Short Stay meets Co-Living meets Being Local.

It doesn’t matter how long you want to stay with us. Whether for co-working, a few days home office without children, a night, a month … or forever. Our cozy and fully equipped apartments create a lively and inspiring place that is equally dedicated to human connection and privacy.

  • Serviced Apartments
  • Free Calls
  • Vegan-Friendly
  • E-Car Charging
  • Open Fireplace
  • 300m2 Living Room
  • 1.500m2 Pocket Park
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Local Grocery Store
  • Pavigym


The SOULMADE’s location is in verdant Munich Garching, but you’re still able to reach anywhere in no time. Anyone who prefers a wide terrace to the hustle and bustle of the city will appreciate it, and is still able to be downtown in a few minutes.

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You love to reminisce the good times? We do, too. Couch Concert #13
Inspiring TED Talk about electric mobility. „What should electric cars sound like?”
Why We Care?

In order to protect the environment as our common living space, we want to oppose an unsustainable and affluent society with all our heart and show that sustainability does not have to be a sacrifice.

How we do that?