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Sustainability is not a drag.
It’s fuel for innovation

What we do (so far) to move in the right direction

We believe in the power of creativity.

If we want to protect nature as our common living space, our decisions need to be firm and fast. With SOULMADE we’d like to share the passion of finding new solutions to restore balance between us and the planet. Not through sacrifice but through curiosity and creativity.

Our Mission

When is sustainability honest? When you make it a core priority — beyond marketing and certifications. And when you internalize the fact that you’re still one step away from an even better result. Honest sustainability demands constant improvement.

It is a challenge that, to us, can only be answered holistically. Through how we deal with the environment, how we do business but also how we treat our colleagues and friends.

Below you’ll find a small (and hopefully often to be updated) list of things, we already do. Of course, we’re always open for suggestions and input at

Thomas Schlereth

A house that grows back in seven years.

Soulmade is a living space that’s almost entirely made of wood. We planted two trees for every single tree we used to build it. We’re also planting another tree for each guest who books with us direct, so the resources used to build SOULMADE will grow back in about seven years.

Social responsibility

We are wholehearted and committed members of entrepreneurs for future. We support the German Childhood Cancer Foundation, promote youth and popular sports, and take a clear stand against racism and homophobia.

Product and supply chain

All appliances, products and services are selected upon strict guidelines to support local, natural and fair businesses. Of course, that applies to our own EMMA-Store, too.

Always Beta

We only use renewable energy. Our PV installation with over 170 modules allows us to save over 22,000 kg CO2 annually, and we offer free electric charging stations too. We provide mentorship to sustainable start-ups. We work together on product innovations with students at the Technical University and open our company’s doors for testing purposes. We’ve deliberately decided that we never want to be ‘finished’, which is why we’ve set up an advisory board that challenges our status quo several times a year. This attitude allows us to remain bold and brimming with ideas.

Natural Materials

All of our room modules are clad in local wood (spruce, oak & ash) as well as wallpaper made from straw, with real-hair rugs from goat and sheep. All appliances, products and services are selected upon strict guidelines to support local, natural and fair business.

Construction Process

We managed to produce hotel room modules that are built almost entirely from wood and are shipped completely furnished and pre-stocked, from towels to technology. This way we’re able to massively reduce the inefficient and CO2-laden shipment of empty prefab elements.

Not only do we create a more sustainable building process but also – because of a much shorter building time – a less strenuous one for its direct environment.

Your Mindset?

Become part of our team! We’re more than happy to look at your application, proactive or in relation to one of our job postings.